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Now What?

The House on the Rock Church family met, prayed, and some fasted for our annual “Easter on the Boardwalk Celebration.” The Lord, our God, faithfully answered our prayers and we are grateful.

Despite the preceding days of rain, the sun came out on Sunday. Most importantly, this was evidence that THE SON came out! We worshipped! We danced, we sang, and we worshipped through drama. The word went forth and will not return void. Now what?

Now is not the time to relax! May we draw closer to the Lord so that we will all be used by Him during this harvest season. Yes you are important. Your presence is important. You are needed to pitch in. No one is left out!

As it is written in Isaiah 35, now is the time to strengthen the weak hands, and the feeble knees. It is time for us to be strong, doing away with fear, so that the Lord will use us to strengthen and encourage those who will come with their fears, depression, and grief.

May our eyes be opened and our ears hear what the Lord is saying so that we will love others, not based upon what we see in the natural, but what the Lord will show us by His Spirit. As we pray and study His word, He will anoint our tongues so that we will speak words of life to others. (Isaiah 50:4)

Now what? Now is the time more than ever to be more in tune with what the Lord desires to do in and through each of us. As we seek Him first, He will supply our needs, for He is aware of what we have need of. (Matthew 6:33) May we trust Him to be God over all that concerns us, as we now move forward in service to Him, loving Him, and loving others not only through our words, but through our attitudes as well as our deeds. Now is the time for us all to move forward together as one! Now let’s be about our Father’s business. No time to waste. How will you respond? Pray about your role. The time is Now!

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