About Us

House on the Rock Church is a growing nondenominational multicultural church that seeks to effectively reach families in The Rockaways with the life-changing Good News of God’s love.


Our ministry began over 20 years ago when our founder, Reverend Garry S. Patrylo Sr., answered the call to bring hope to the many children and down and out in our community.


In 2012 our founder passed away. A week later our Associate Pastor (his son) was in an accidental house fire. Two days later Super Storm Sandy caused severe damage to our community. Our homes and rented church space was devastated. We thank God that He has helped us to build our lives on a solid foundation (House on the Rock) to withstand the storms of life and emerge stronger and more passionate than ever before.


Today many people from our community are building with us. Families have found hope and strength to live a life of purpose. We offer many ministries that are designed to help you grow in your relationship with God and one another.


To learn more about our church and see how you can get involved I encourage you to watch the video TRIUMPH TO TRAGEDY or better yet…come visit us one Sunday at House on the Rock Church.


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Sunday Service Location

Ministry Center

91-08 Rockaway Beach Blvd.

Rockaway Beach NY 11693

10 am Service, Nursery, Children's Church and Pop Rocks

Mailing Address

144 Beach 94th Street

Rockaway Beach NY 11693


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