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Do You Love Me?

Throughout my life I have encountered challenges that overwhelmed me, almost taking my breath away. During those devastating moments, one unspoken question permeated the atmosphere. From time to time it's as though the Lord asks, "Do you still love ME?" I'll give you an example of a time the unspoken question hung over me. I hate moving. I've lived in a few states and have disliked putting down and tearing up roots, friends, and familiar people and places. I'm so grateful that I've been blessed to always have a roof over my head. Nevertheless, within the last four years, I've moved three times due to a variety of reasons beyond my control. During one of the most recent moves, I consulted with four real estate agents as well as a government agency, none of whom were helpful. Surely, the Lord who created me knows how I felt about moving. Yet He allowed the circumstances in order to move me towards Him. All the while the unspoken question was in the air, " Do you still love ME"? My answer, Yes Lord, I love you.  And like Peter said (John 6:68) "Where else can I go but to you Lord, You have the words of eternal life? The Bible tells us more about Peter. He was a bold disciple who loved the Lord deeply but failed Jesus three times by denying that He knew Him during a critical time. What was the Lord's response afterwards? Three times the Lord asked Peter " Do you love ME"? Twice Peter answered, yes, Lord; you know that I love you. The third time he said, Lord, You know all things, You know that I love you. Jesus responded, feed my sheep and feed my lambs. In other words, though Peter failed, his assignment prevailed. Now go and preach, and teach others about ME. Your love for the LORD will be challenged. You won't pass every test perfectly because you are human. Allow the challenges to draw you closer to the Lord, not push you away. When the Lord provides the opportunity, share your experience to help others draw closer to Him too. The Bible tells us Joseph was tested, Abraham was tested, Peter was tested and you will be tested. Choose to love the Lord no matter what comes your way. Know that He is working everything together for your good and for His glory no matter what it looks or feels like. For He loves you with an everlasting love.(Jeremiah 31:3) So much so that He gave His Son to make you more than a conqueror. (Romans 8: 32-39) Receive His love and love Him. It's the one decision you'll  be glad you made in this life and in the next. Yes. love the Lord!
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