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  • Tonie Roberts

Updated: Jan 9

I hate wasting time, don’t you? Imagine living in a peaceful overjoyed state using every moment to fulfill God’s will and not your own.

It’s possible to actually sense you’re living in the perfect will of God, but the process of getting there may surprise you.

During the mad rush of Christmas, I went out to get a few needed items. After at least an hour’s search, I proceeded to the line. Fifty, maybe 60 people were ahead of me. I refused to wait another hour to pay for items it took an hour to find.

Frustrated, I prayed! Lord forgive me for wasting time when I could have been doing something more productive! Immediately, I remembered that I had recently spent more time doing, and not as much time resting in the presence of Jesus, reading His word

worshipping and listening. I’ve noticed that the more time I spend quietly with the Lord, the less time I waste!

Would you like to be more productive in 2023? The solution is not logical, but it works.

The more time spent in the presence of the Lord, the more you’ll sense the Holy Sprit’s guidance, peace, and wisdom leading you throughout your days, in the least things as well as in the great.

The Word adds length of days and years of life and peace. (Proverbs 3:2) Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. Her ways are pleasant ways,

and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her; those who hold her fast will be blessed. (Proverbs 14-18)

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  • Tonie Roberts

Part 1 of the Work of Rest encouraged us to receive rest in our souls. This comes as we join our faith to the word of God and believe - come what may, we are to live in rest, not stress.

But there’s a second part of rest that may be even more difficult for believers to receive and live out, it’s the physical aspect of rest. As Christians, sometimes we think that movement for Christ means movement in Him. It ain’t necessarily so.

Be honest, have you ever been stressed out and maybe burnt out, doing what you believed is the Christian thing to do? You believed you should have gone here, done this, and done that, even when you were so tired you could hardly think straight. You pushed yourself beyond measure. But was pleasing Jesus your motive?

Let’s go back to Matthew 11: 28. Jesus said “HIS” yoke is easy and HIS burden is LIGHT.

In our zeal to please self and others, we can take our OWN heavy yoke. Without the prayerful yoke of Jesus, our efforts only lead to weariness and added stress.

Remember Jesus said, Come to ME! That’s our first and most important responsibility as a Christian.

As we spend time with Jesus daily and learn of Him, we become more sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We trade our yoke, our way of doing things for His, resulting in His will being done on earth.

Recently, I considered doing 3 very important tasks that were Christ centered in 1 day. I sensed a lack of peace from the Holy Spirit about one of those tasks, but I felt it was just as important as the other tasks since it involved helping someone. After serving in three areas in one day, I did not feel well for a few days. It wasn't God's will for me to overdo it, and that is not His will for you. Whom Jesus loves, He chastens (Hebrews 12:6). I repented and received healing!

When we live in the rest of God, “we cease from our own works, as God did from His” (Hebrews 4:10). If God rested, so should we. Our bodies are His temple. Let's be obedient and labor to enter the rest of God! As we follow the Lords leading to do things His way and balance that with His rest we become spiritually and physically fit and God is well pleased! After all, it's about pleasing Him!

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  • Tonie Roberts

Life in 2022 can be filled with hurry, worry, and a state of absolute busyness. Running smack into stress is as common as breathing. You’re tested just getting from A to B whether driving, using public transportation or even on waiting for an elevator. The constant sound of sirens can numb our senses to the point of unconcern due to our own stress levels. Hearing of daily random acts of violence, facing constant price increases, unending political insanity, and concern about one public disease then another doesn’t help.

Knowing we would face these things and more, Jesus invites us to live in rest, even in 2022! (Math 11:28)

For more than a month, I read Matthew 11:28 and Hebrews 4, battling with the concept of experiencing this rest Jesus gives. Every time I received the rest, something quickly came along to test the rest. But isn’t that the point?

We’re tested daily but find the answer in “joining our faith with the Word which activates the promise” of rest (Hebrews 4:3 TPT).

When we learn and believe what Jesus has already said about our situation, rest is received (Matth 11:28). Instead of learning what Jesus said and yoking (joining our faith) with the Word (Jesus is the Word) we sometimes allow the tests to reign and wear us down. Weariness and stress set in and rob us of our promised rest, producing stress.

Hebrews 4:11 (KJV) states we should “labor to enter into rest”. What a contradiction of terms! Though Jesus gives us rest, we must labor or make every effort to enter that rest. According to Hebrews 4. doubt is disobedience and it robs us of rest and the promises of God. Doubt/failure to believe, took the lives of the children of Israel.

Jesus says TODAY, despite every obstacle, if we will (we have a choice), we can enter His rest (Hebrews 3:13). Let’s join our faith to the word of God, no matter what today brings, and confidently, obediently live in rest!

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