• Louisa Guzman

Have you started wrapping your Christmas presents yet? I'm one of those people who actually enjoy wrapping. I make a grand day of it with plenty of hot cocoa and cookies on hand. With Christmas music and Hallmark movies playing in the background,

I take out all my stickers, washi tape, swirly scissors, ribbons, gift bags, assorted papers, tags, candy canes, and all sorts of other odds and ends like ornaments and mini picture frames to make each gift personal and special.

That day I happily get lost in all the glitter.

Sadly, however, I must admit that not once while twisting sparkly pipe cleaners into reindeer antlers

do I ever stop to think of Jesus. How is it that Christmas is Jesus' birthday and yet there are no gifts being wrapped and made special for Him? As John 3:16 reminds us, "for God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish". Jesus was God's lavish gift to us. But where is our gift to Him?

I take so much time to make gifts special for everyone else, so naturally I should give Jesus my very best. But what do you give the "Birthday Boy" who has it all? Even the magi got it right by bringing Him gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh.


So this year I'm going to "regift" my heart to Jesus. I'm not even going to wrap it up. I'm going to leave it open and give it completely to Him.

What gift will you give Jesus this Christmas?

  • Tonie Roberts

Recently someone attempted to publicly humiliate me. It worked! Though I prayed and did my best to forgive the person, the hurt and anger lurked within me for days.

When I eventually allowed the Holy Spirit to impart the mind of Christ, I prayed for the offender and the anger dissipated. I was free again!

The experience reminds of a phrase the world uses to justify anger when we’ve been wronged, “You’re only human”. In other words, you have a right to be angry!

While anger is a natural reaction to spiteful behavior, we are “NOT JUST HUMAN!” We have supernatural power to overcome evil through the mind of Christ. That POWER enables us to let go of anger and release forgiveness. We have the right to be free!

Brothers and sisters, next time someone says, “you’re only human”, (you have a right to be angry). Remember who you are. You are not just human. You have access to the supernatural mind of Christ, empowering you to walk in the freedom of forgiveness!

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  • Tonie Roberts

As I sat on the couch watching tv, I received a text message with a simple request, ''Can you wash my feet?" After giggling at the request, I remembered the story of Jesus washing His apostles’ feet.

I thought about all the person making the request has done for me. All the sacrifice, all of the selfless acts they performed for me. And then I thought about the statement Jesus made to His apostles. In John 13:7 Jesus said, “You do not realize now what I’m doing but later you will understand.” Jesus, our Savior, humbly sacrificed Himself, and made Himself a servant to serve those who should have served Him.

Jesus said in John 13:16-17 Very truly I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him. Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.

By serving others, we will be blessed. God told Abraham in Genesis 12: 2 I will bless you, and you shall be a blessing. Verse 3 says I will bless those who bless you. The Lord will pour His favor on those who are a blessing to others.

“Can you wash my feet?” My pleasure.


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