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Christmas Every Day by Louisa Guzman

Charles Dickens said,

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”

I admit it. I'm addicted to Christmas. I don't ever get tired of looking at the shiny, sparkly

Christmas lights everywhere.

I can hear and sing Christmas songs all day long. I make a day out of wrapping gifts while watching Hallmark (and any other channel that provides) Christmas movies. I live for ugly Christmas sweater parties

and have various styles and combinations of Christmas paraphernalia : reindeer antler headbands, ornament earrings, elf slippers, and bracelets and necklaces that jingle all the way! The excitement escalates with every neighborhood tree lighting, and I never pass up the chance to do a little dance with all the Salvation Army volunteer bell ringers on the street. I'm that person who gives gifts to the mail carrier, garbage pickup man, the nail salon and hair salon, and to the bus driver who greets me every day. I even find it exciting to wait to open my gifts on Christmas day. 

Yes, I am addicted to Christmas. 

But you have to admit there’s something magical about Christmas. Even those who are not too friendly suddenly smile. Some who never did before now offer seats on the train. Conversation is happier. Movies and television shows all have cheery, happy endings. The streets are beautifully dressed in holiday lights. Even the overly crowded stores become places to marvel at the decorations. There are yummy aromas of pumpkin, spice, cinnamon, gingerbread and vanilla. 

It's certainly a magical time and I have often wished that magic would last all year. 

And it can. Because the real "magic" is not in all that surrounds us during Christmas. The wonder and awesomeness of the season is in the greatest gift of all that we can open each and every day: Jesus! Yes, God loved us so much that He gave us His one and only Son! [John 3:16]

When the tree comes down and the decorations are put away, Jesus is still there, waiting to be opened and treasured, like a new gift, each morning.

Lamentations 3:22-23 tells us His compassion never fail and are new every morning. The very moment we open our eyes each morning is the first of many gifts God gives us every day.

You don't have to have a tree and lights to make you smile throughout the year - keep things around your home that remind you of happy moments. When I look at shells I've collected I think of the ocean even on the coldest days in February. 

Every time I look at this little piece of debris I picked up last summer in Hawaii I'm reminded of the special time I had with close friends there. 

Christmas music will no longer be played in the coming months, but we can sing songs of joy to our Lord, for it is good to praise the Lord and make music to His name [Psalm 92:1]. You don’t even have to wait until Christmas to feel holiday joy. By keeping our hearts open and maintaining an attitude of gratitude, we can have Christmas every day by appreciating all the little (and sometimes big) gifts God gives us each day.  Like we do during Christmastime we can make others happy by smiling more, offering good wishes, sending cards of encouragement, giving generously, inviting people over for no special occasion except fellowship and a meal. Whatever you do in December, do all year long.


Celebrate Jesus' birthday every day and Christmas will last all year long.

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