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Not Just Human!

Recently someone attempted to publicly humiliate me. It worked! Though I prayed and did my best to forgive the person, the hurt and anger lurked within me for days.

When I eventually allowed the Holy Spirit to impart the mind of Christ, I prayed for the offender and the anger dissipated. I was free again!

The experience reminds of a phrase the world uses to justify anger when we’ve been wronged, “You’re only human”. In other words, you have a right to be angry!

While anger is a natural reaction to spiteful behavior, we are “NOT JUST HUMAN!” We have supernatural power to overcome evil through the mind of Christ. That POWER enables us to let go of anger and release forgiveness. We have the right to be free!

Brothers and sisters, next time someone says, “you’re only human”, (you have a right to be angry). Remember who you are. You are not just human. You have access to the supernatural mind of Christ, empowering you to walk in the freedom of forgiveness!

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