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On Purpose by Louisa Guzman

You might have read my article from last year titled, "One Word" or maybe you are already familiar with the "One Word" concept. Instead of making new year's resolutions you probably won't keep, you select one word to frame the entire year.

Some of my past words have been: FORGIVE CHANGE, WISDOM, CONNECT.

For example, the year my word was WISDOM, I sought wisdom daily in God's Word and found in Proverbs 8:11 that wisdom is more precious than rubies! I tried to make wise choices and wisely selected my words before I spoke. Last year, because my word was CONNECT, I worked hard to connect deeply with God, attempted to connect in more meaningful ways with those around me, dis-connected from social media as much as possible.

Are you getting the picture?

There are tons of possibilities, but before you choose a word you should, of course, pray about it. 2 Chronicles 18:4 advises us to "first seek the counsel of the Lord", so ask God to reveal the word that will bring about the most glory to Him and the biggest blessings to you in the coming year.

Think about what your word will mean for every aspect of your life. The year my word was CHANGE I truly experienced change in all areas of my life: in my relationships, in the way I ate, slept and treated my body, in the way I handled money. I even changed the way I studied the bible - all of which brought about even more change.

So after much thought and prayer, the word that God has given me for 2020 is PURPOSE. Purpose: "the reason for which something is done or created, or for which something exists" - I exist to live for Jesus and will resolve to be intentional and purposely take steps to keep Jesus at the forefront every day in 2020. Purpose: "a person's resolve or determination" - I am determined to live each day with good intention and purposely find ways to do good things for those around me. God has a purpose that was created uniquely for me - I am motivated to find it and purposed to carry it out in 2020.

So why don't you borrow my word for a minute and purposely think about what your word for the year could be?

Happy New Year!

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1 comentario

17 ene 2020

Thank you. Praying for God to lead me this year to “Breathe “ and let go.

Me gusta
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