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What Battle are You Fighting by Patrick Impelli

Many agree there are battles going on in the world today. There are battles socially, economically, spiritually just to name a few and the list goes on. The most important battle is and always has been the spiritual battle.

For the Christian, myself included, the spiritual battle should be at the top of the list when determining the fight, we should be engaged in. The Bible tells us “No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted as a soldier” (2 Timothy 2:4). The question is why do so many Christians entangle themselves with “affairs of this life”? The answer to this question is simply spiritual laziness!

You see, in my own life I found myself getting entangled with too many other life issues. Some years ago, I served as a volunteer with a fellowship in which the pastor had a bent towards protesting abortion. He was so invested in protesting abortion that just about every sermon he preached, and every conversation led to the topic of protesting of some kind. For the two plus months I spent there volunteering I began to believe my “calling” was to protest.

Although I am pro-life, I realized that the battle of protest was not mine. I am called to fight in the battle of prayer.

The point I’m making here is, many Christians are fighting the wrong battles. It's okay to be passionate against a certain social injustice or for truth. But the truth is if your battle is not grounded in prayer, you're fighting the wrong battle.

We see it today on the social media platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, etc., Christians in various places complaining and bashing people over things they don’t agree with. Rather they, including myself, should and need to spend energy on prayer knowing we are all in a spiritual battle. Christians must remember we are “engaged in warfare” and should not be entangled with the affairs of this life. Too many Christians are stuck on their phones, tablets, etc. rather than being on their knees crying out to the Lord.

I encourage Christians today to spend their time on their knees and not their fingertips scrolling through mass news and media. We as Christians, Christ followers, are soldiers for Him who enlisted us. May we live this truth out daily in prayer and supplication. Don’t waste time; redeem the time!

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